First United Church Of Christ
611 Columbia Street, Burlington, IA 52601
Big thanks you to all those who bring your empty pop cans here to church!  The 5 cents from each can goes to the Heifer Project.  Just a reminder that each can must be marked 5 cents redeemable in IA.  No other containers will be accepted. 
Please start using the new 2021 giving envelopes.  If you haven't picked them up from the Narthex table please do so today.  If you do not come to church, Donna is in the office Thursday 9 a.m. To 12 p.m.

September & October
Homeless Shelter

November & December
The Nest

Keep in mind that more than food can be donated to the Wagon.  Many of these organizations could use laundry detergents, dryer sheets, paper products, cleaners, etc. 

Thank you for your generosity!
Let's see if we can fill the wagon every 2 months
July 01  Gene Willson
July 03  Melissa DeLLanos
July 06  Doug Pohren
July 11  Olivia Reynolds
July 14  Ralph Smith
July 20  Jerry Bliesener
July 20  Caitlin Bliesener
July 23  David Hauswirth
July 24  Janet Jagemeier
July 26  Kaylyn Willson
July 26  Stu Wagner
July 27  Bailey Dowell
July 30  Blaine Bleisener
July 31  Karen Gall