First United Church Of Christ
611 Columbia Street, Burlington, IA 52601
Because of the Privacy Act, churches will no longer be notified by Medical or Care Facilities if you or a family member are there.  Please call the church office at 754-4807 or Debbie Bliesener at 319-457-3468 Remember that the hospital does not call the church.
Donations for the months of Sept and Oct will be for the Salvation Army. Please donate if you are able.      Thank you.
Sept 03    MattReynolds
Sept 07    Dakota Henkels
Sept 10    Marlene Jackson
Sept 10    Nancy Simms
Sept 12    Debbie Bliesener
Sept 20    Pastor JudyAnn Morse
Sept 23    Jeanie David
Sept 23    Alex Elliott
Sept 24    Susan Sumpter
Sept 26    Richard Bliesener
Sept 27    Rhonda Jauswirth  
Anniversaries in SEPT.

Sept 01  Bill & Jessica Elliott
Sept 11   Laurie & Marty Smith
Sept 11   Anne & Larry Yaley
Sept  27  Richard & Janet Hagemeier
Sept  29  John & Brenda Dahl
A reminder to everyone that if you want us to start the prayer chains for you, family member or a friend you will need to contact Debbie Bliesener or Mark Weiler.  We do not start the chains on hearsay as we want to get authorization that it is okay to do so.  Some people are private and don't wish it known, so to avoid any problems we need to hear the information direct. 
I am looking for volunteers to greet on Sunday mornings.  If you would be willing to help please contact me, Debbie Bliesener)  It would require you to be here by 10:10 - 10:15, and you would hand out bulletins to everyone entering the sanctuary and greet them.  This done on a monthly schedule. 
Update on Search Committee 
I thought I would let everyone know what is going on with the search for a new pastor.  There has been a turnover in the conference and they have contacted us.  I had a nice talk with the conference pastor and with that we have updated our profile on the UCC Website.  We are now requesting a part time pastor instead of interim and we have made a few other changes in the resume.  After we made the changes and sent to conference they posted it on the website within 1 week.  We now have our request on our face book.  It is not a field that a lot of people are getting into now.  There are 22 UCC Church resumes just in Iowa looking for pastors. 
Salvation army needs the following:
Peanut Butter, Canned meats, tuna, chicken, ham, canned soups, macaroni and Cheese, Cereal box/bag, canned fruit, Bar soaps, Shampoo & conditioners, Hand razors, Hygiene products, Canned Veggies, Applesauce,  Just about anything non-perishable.