First United Church Of Christ
611 Columbia Street, Burlington, IA 52601
Big thanks you to all those who bring your empty pop cans here to church!  The 5 cents from each can goes to the Heifer Project.  Just a reminder that each can must be marked 5 cents redeemable in IA.  No other containers will be accepted. 
Please start using the new 2021 giving envelopes.  If you haven't picked them up from the Narthex table please do so today.  If you do not come to church, Donna is in the office Thursday 9 a.m. To 12 p.m.

January & February
Community Action

March & April
Kayla's Cupboard

May & June
Battered women's Shelter

July & August
Salvation Army

September & October
Homeless Shelter

November & December
The Nest

Keep in mind that more than food can be donated to the Wagon.  Many of these organizations could use laundry detergents, dryer sheets, paper products, cleaners, etc. 

Thank you for your generosity!
Let's see if we can fill the wagon every 2 months
May 08 - Jessice Elliott
May 11 - Reva Turner
May 12 - Mark Weiler
May 16 - Reese Richenberger
May 25 - Anne Yaley
May 01 - Ralph & Debbie Smith
May 20 - Bill & carol Cook
May 21 - Gene and Darlene WIllson

Horseshoe Shelter - Crapo Park
11:00 a.m.

Please bring a dish to pass and your own silverware.  This is a wonderful time to get ourdoors and enjoy the park. 
PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS! Please let Debbie Bliesener or church office know, in writing, if you have a child graduating high school or college by May 3rd.  Include their name, high school or college and what their degree is in.  Thank you. 
Mark your calendars for May 23, 2021 Pentecost Sunday as we will finally be having our students confirmed.  Due to Covid last year we were not able to do this.  We had scheduled it several times but unfortunately due toe Covid we weren't able to.  We have three students getting confirmed and they are Richie Bliesener, Olivia DeLlanos and Kyla Lewis.  Please try to be here to support these young students as this is definately going to take place.
                    COMMITTE REPORTS

SEARCH  The Search Committee met on Tuesday April 13th .  We found out that the only thing the Association does is post our resume on the Ucc webstie and if any pastor sends a resume they try to match them with a church.  They do run background checks, but they do no advetising or outreach.  Therefore the committee decided we were going to advertise and do outreach to seminaries. 

CONSISTORY Consistory met on Thursday April 15.  We are trying to make decisions that are good for the church and trying to incorporate things back a little at a time to get back to normal.  We now have piano and or organ music, singing if you want, face mask and social distancing.  We are going to start having bulletins, starting the first Sunday in May
KITCHEN MINISTRIES  The Kitchen Ministries committee met on Tuesday April 20th.  It was decided that we would start L.A.T.T. In the fall.  We are hoping more restrictions will be lifted and more back to normal.  We are having coffee fellowship on Sunday mornings with refreshments that are individually wrapped.  It is good to hear the fellowship and laughter in Buescher on Sunday morning. 
A BIG REMINDER, if you need prayers and want us to start the prayer chain for you, family member or friend you need to contact me Debbie at 319-457-3468.  Also if you like to be on the Circle of Concerns please contact me or you can leave infor on the office answer machine.  If we don't know we can't add anyone to it.