Because of the Privacy Act, churches will no longer be notified by Medical or Care Facilities if you or a family member are there.  Please call the church office at 754-4807 or Debbie Bliesener at 319-457-3468 Remember that the hospital does not call the church.
Coffee Fellowship
Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.
Worship Service   10:00 a.m.
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Office hours
Thursday and Friday
         9 - 12

Did you know our church has two active Prayer Chains?  One is made up of the Elders and the other is Consistory members.  The Prayer Chains are a group of people who are contacted by email or phone to pray for the leaders and ministries of 1st UCC and for any prayer requests we receive during the week.  Please call Debbie Bliesener at 319-457-3468 or Mark Weiler at 319-754 -5889.  Share brief details so that others can pray for your situation. 
If you have a child or grandchild that earns awards or recognition for events or school activities we would like to know so we can share the good news.  Put in writing and give to Debbie
We now have our own email address.  Please see above under the Events label. 
WE     NEED      YOUR     HELP

Help us decorate the tree in the Buescher Hall entrance with children's underware, socks, hats and mittens.  Your donations will be passed on to needy children to help keep them warm this winter.  Let's see if we can completely cover the MITTEN TREE with hats, mittens, children's underware and socks.

THANKS,          THANKS,         THANKS